DuBois Table Studies

Select one of DuBois’ original plates below to see the data tabulated using gt. Each of the studies below has four components:

  • A gt table created using DuBois’ data,

  • A larger version of DuBois’ original plate,

  • The code used to reproducibly create the gt table, and

  • Some commentary around how the graph on the plate was translated into a tabular medium.

Many of the tabulated versions of the data rely on the ggplot2 package to create simple in-line graphical depictions of the data. Furthermore, gtExtras::gt_theme_538() pulls a lot of weight when it comes to setting the table theme as it reflects DuBois’ sans-serif, all-caps printed typography.

Georgia Population
Original Plate 07
Birthplace and Migration
Original Plate 08
Conjugal Condition
Original Plate 10
City or Rural
Original Plate 11
Original Plate 25
Original Plate 27
Original Plate 31
Freemen & Slaves
Original Plate 51
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